Staying Supple, Christmas Gifts, and As Seen in Horse & Hound.

Staying Supple, Christmas Gifts, and As Seen in Horse & Hound.

Staying Supple

Snow and ice make riding difficult and it may even be unsafe for you and your horse, so in winter he’ll probably be spending more time in his stable. To help him to stay supple, try using a Mini Horslyx to do neck stretches – encourage him to bring his nose down between his front legs and then to either side of his body. Hold each position for 5 seconds if possible.

Your horse deserves a Horslyx Selection Box this Christmas!

The box contains six mini Horslyx, one from each of the fantastic formulations. They’re a healthy alternative to treats and sweets and they’re ideal for taking to shows and events to top up vitamin and mineral levels. They’re also great for relaxing him during times of stress.

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As Seen in Horse & Hound

Don’t just take our word for it, Horse & Hound magazine recently featured the Horslyx Mini Selection Box in the Christmas Gift Guide.

The Winter Survival Tips competition on social media was a great success, with some top tips and lots of fun. The three winners have been notified and will soon receive the vouchers for Horslyx Balancers. We’ve picked a few of our favourites here.

  • Wrap handles in vet wrap on your mucking out tools and have a puncture repair kit for leaky wellies.
  • Make sure you have a radio, blast it loud, and dance into the spring, it will keep you warm! Plus, you will burn calories, meaning you can eat more mince pies. (Any excuse to eat more mince pies is good with Team Horslyx)
  • Don’t argue with your husband for the whole of winter, or you’ll be shovelling S**T on your own 😂

Remember, you can pick up your FREE mini Horslyx Christmas sleeve at your local stockist; it saves time wrapping presents

Wishing you and your horse a wonderful festive period

Team Horslyx x