Full age spectrum covered by expanded leaching bolus range, colour-coded for correct choices

Full age spectrum covered by expanded leaching bolus range, colour-coded for correct choices

  • Consistently releases with unique leaching bolus technology
  • Accurate daily supply of correct essential trace element levels
  • Superior individual supply to other forms of trace elements

Covering even minor deficiencies of essential trace elements can improve sheep performance by eliminating their negative effects on energy metabolism, critical enzymes and hormones, and aspects of immune function.

Now, consistently accurate daily trace element supplementation has become easier in lambs (15kg+) and adults with the next generation of trusted and unique Tracesure range of unique leaching boluses.

Each variant contains exactly the right level of supplements for the intended age group without unnecessary components such as vitamins. All options are available with or without copper.

Product names have been simplified with new colour-coded packaging to help ensure the correct sized boluses are used: Pale blue Tracesure Lamb for lambs, a darker blue Tracesure Sheep for ewes and rams.

This distinctive livery is to help farmers observe a golden rule for high livestock productivity, according to Animax vet Dr Elizabeth Berry. “Using the right product to supply the right levels of supplementation has never been more relevant than today when livestock farmers are coping with all-time high prices for feed, fuel and fertiliser,” she says.

“To improve margins, one option is to seek productivity gains in as yet under-exploited areas. For example, much of UK grassland, and therefore silage, hay and other forages too are deficient in essential trace elements. So for many farmers, there’s an opportunity to ensure an essential daily trace element supply, which is critical to ewe and lamb productivity alike.”

The consistent release, leaching technology used in Tracesure boluses was developed by and is unique to Animax. It supplies trace elements at a consistent rate, compatible with animals’ daily requirements. To minimise labour requirement, boluses can be given when sheep are already gathered for other management tasks.

For information about using Tracesure boluses, specialists are available nationwide.

Tracesure Sheep bolus user guide

Sheep (blue packaging)
Adults: Pre-tupping & pre-lambing
At weaning & when finishing