Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup

Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Environmental Management (EM) and the Los Alamos legacy cleanup contractor, Newport News Nuclear BWXT-Los Alamos, LLC (N3B), recently provided New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) with a permit modification request to add a new Universal Drum Assay and Segregation System (UDASS) and a hydraulic power supply (HPS) unit at Technical Area 54 (TA-54).

According to DOE EM-LA and N3B, the new equipment will assist in waste processing and disposal activities.

“The UDASS is an integrated drum inspection and assay system that more accurately characterizes waste drums, enabling sentencing of the drum at the lowest acceptable level and potentially resulting in fewer drums being classified as transuranic (TRU),” details DOE EM-LA and N3B in the April 13, 2023, permit modification request

A NuVision Engineering (NVE) representative shared that they, along with ANTECH, are supplying and operating the UDASS.

NuVision Engineering has received permission from the Edge, LLC to share this article.