The following are important trends in the markets in which the Engineering division operates.

WHAT IS HAPPENING: Nuclear clean-up  

The UK’s nuclear clean-up programme, centred on Sellafield, Cumbria, is one of the largest engineering infrastructure projects in Europe. Disposal and storage of nuclear waste is a priority for the nuclear sector worldwide.   


Carr’s is well placed as part of the Programme and Project Partners arrangement for accredited local businesses which has already delivered projects for Sellafield. Bendall’s Engineering is a founding member of the Cumbria Manufacturing Alliance, a collaborative network of local businesses working together to support Sellafield from the surrounding area, while Carr’s MSM continues to supply master slave manipulators on multiple projects. 


WHAT IS HAPPENING:Increased focus on energy security  

With a growing emphasis on energy security and reducing dependence on imported energy, utility companies and governments are investing to protect their assets and extend the operational lifespan of existing nuclear facilities.  


Our patented MSIP® technology has been globally deployed for over 30 years, maintaining assets by proactively preventing stress cracking or repairing existing cracks in welds in situ, saving operators downtime and considerable cost.   


WHAT IS HAPPENINGUse of Robotics in nuclear environments and medicine  

Robotics continues to play an increasing role in engineering. Debris removal from inaccessible, high-radiation, high-risk environments requires specialised robotic equipment. In the global nuclear medicine market, specialist robotics are designed to handle small quantities of isotopes in the growing applications of nuclear medicine.   


Our established, globally recognised businesses in the UK and Germany continue to develop new products capable of meeting the needs of the nuclear industry across the globe. Production is set to commence next year at Japan’s Reprocessing Center Rokkasho, a facility which has already placed orders with Wälischmiller, building on our reputation as a market-leading supplier. Our newer products, like the A150 (a versatile and lightweight solution designed for isotope handling) and the Lirob (the first fully-remote-controlled robot designed for the nuclear medicine sector) underline our commitment to evolve as required to support our customers.   


WHAT IS HAPPENINGIncreased investment in the defence sector  

Significant defence initiatives have been announced recently, including confirmation that the first generation of AUKUS nuclear submarines will be built in the UK and Australia. The UK government has confirmed that these will be built by BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce. 


Our experience of work and existing accreditation in the defence sector leaves our UK businesses well positioned to support these critical government-led initiatives.