Horslyx is a market leading feed block brand for equine balancers with the products being used and trusted by horse owners worldwide for over 25 years. Manufactured at our plant in Cumbria, they are easy to use and are cost-effective for today’s equines and their owners.

Horslyx Balancers have been carefully formulated to address the deficiencies in forage. This unique and innovative approach ensures the modern horse receives an ideal supply of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to support optimum health and vitality. Promoting natural trickle feeding allows the horse to self-regulate and consume Horslyx when required.

All Horslyx Balancers need to be licked, which takes patience. Horses only produce saliva when biting, chewing, or licking and saliva is an excellent natural buffer and lubricant within the gastrointestinal tract. This leads to better digestion, less stress, and a happier, healthier horse.


Recognising that the horse evolved as a trickle feeder of forages while also understanding the equine digestive system has allowed Horslyx to provide vital elements of a horse’s dietary requirements.

Horses evolved roaming over large areas grazing, or ‘trickle-feeding’ for 16–18 hours per day. Today, horses are kept in relative luxury compared to their ancestors. However, the digestive system is still similar, so a horse still needs this trickle-feed supply of nutrients to remain in optimum health.

Making The Right Choice

Horslyx Balancers are ideal for all equines, both competition and leisure, stabled and grass kept, and are even suitable for laminitis prone equines.

There are six Horslyx Balancer formulations to choose from in a range of sizes with educational and recyclable packaging. A dedicated team develops the sales, while helping to grow awareness and knowledge of the range through the distribution network and horse owners.

Additional Products:

SmartLick is the budget brand providing horses with vitamins, minerals and a yeast-based prebiotic.

Horslyx Smallholder Block supports all round health & vitality for ruminant stock.

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