Wälischmiller Engineering is located in Markdorf and specialises in remote handling technology and robotics for the nuclear sector.  Our core competence is the development, design and manufacture of equipment for use in inaccessible applications. Wälischmiller Engineering operates from a 68,200 sqft facility.
  • Established for over 60 years, ​
  • Wälischmiller’s Mechanical Telemanipulators, Power Manipulators, and Robotic Manipulators are consistently No.1 choice for the industry. ​
  • The only one-stop-shop provider worldwide for all remote handling needs, ​
  • Wälischmiller Engineering service its customers globally from the initial project stages to on-site installation, with dedicated service personnel.​
  • Adhering to the guiding principle of “Quality for Safety,” Wälischmiller Engineering’s remote handling solutions have earned widespread acclaim for their exceptional quality and long-lasting durability.​
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Schießstattweg 16
D - 88677 Markdorf