Afgritech manufactures a range of premium rumen bypass protein products, manufactured with proprietary ExpandaTherm™ technology, providing very high rumen bypass but intestinal digestible protein values from a combination of canola and soy sources, calibrating and controlling manufacturing for specific heat, temperature and pressure.

AminoMax Pro® is a bypass protein-rich feed additive that can effectively increase metabolisable protein. It is derived from plant protein sources that are consistently high in ruminal bypass and amino acid bioavailability, namely, soybean meal and canola meal.

This unparalleled consistency allows dairy nutritionists the ability to custom-blend multiple bypass plant proteins, also known as RUP (rumen undegradable proteins), for specific needs, such as maximising milk yield and improving milk components.

When rations are properly formulated, the supplement allows the decrease of the amount of crude protein in the animal’s diet, improving herd economics and lowering nitrogen levels in the urine to make dairy farms more environmentally friendly.

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