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Food Case Study

Carr’s Flour Mills

On 5 September 2016, Carr’s Group plc announced the sale of Carr’s Flour Mills Ltd, the Group’s Food division, to Whitworths Holdings Ltd for a total consideration of £36m. For further information on the disposal, please visit: http://investors.carrsgroup.com/content/press/corporate_news.asp

Scotland is home to many great bakery businesses that produce some of the finest baked goods in the United Kingdom. They depend on a miller who can consistently supply them with the right flour for the job, whether it is for bread, biscuits, rolls or pastry. The mill at Kirkcaldy has been supplying these bakers for nearly 200 years. The recent major investment in a new mill has cemented the mill’s relationships with its customers, who it looks forward to continuing to supply for many years to come.

“State-of-the-art” is an over-used description, but the new mill at Kirkcaldy can genuinely lay claim to being the world’s most advanced.

Four years ago, Carr’s set about designing a mill which incorporated all the latest thinking with regards to energy efficiency, flour quality and food safety. Following a number of high profile food safety scares in other sectors, provenance and food safety have become increasingly important to consumers. They need to know that their food producers have precise and up-to-the-minute control of their processes, thereby minimising the risk of product contamination as well as enabling detailed and timely traceability reports. Features of the new mill which address these concerns include:

  • An Optical Colour Sorter in the wheat cleaning process. This detects and eliminates discoloured grains, a possible source of mycotoxins.
  • Milling machinery that is designed to be easy to clean.
  • A pioneering, fully automated flour sampling, testing and reporting system.
  • A process control system which enables traceability reports to be filed within minutes of flour being milled.
  • Interlocking flour redressing systems to control the risk of any foreign body contamination.

By engaging with customers and working closely with the building architect and machinery suppliers, Carr’s Group designed and built a mill which took control of food safety to a new level. In every sense, this is a mill that is well-placed to serve its customers and to provide them with a reliable source of high quality flour.