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Agriculture Overview

The Group’s agriculture division comprises three sub divisions:

Country retail stores

Carrs Billington has a retail footprint of 42 locations across northern England and southern Scotland. The stores act as a one-stop shop, providing a comprehensive range of agricultural and household products and services, with everything from farm machinery to clothing and pet supplies.

Animal feed

The manufacture and supply of nutritional feed supplements through branded, molasses-based feed licks, which help to enrich the diet of all types of farm animals. These are supplied through a vast distributor network across the UK, Europe, Middle East and North America, made up of a mix of wholly owned and joint-ventures located across the UK, Germany and the USA. Brands include Crystalyx and AminoMax. In addition Carrs Billington provides the farming and rural communities with a comprehensive range of compound animal feeds.


The provision of competitively priced heating oil, gasoline and diesel to agricultural, commercial and retail customers, across the north of England and southern Scotland with an emphasis on customer service.